How About 2022! What a Year!

We struck out on an adventure this year taking a break (sort-of) from my art, and sold our house and built a new home. I though here is an opportunity for me to exercise my video skills and document the build. You can see this on my video page. I have to say I loved doing it. Not only did I get to see the house go up day-by-day, but I have documented the build which we have never done before.

During all this construction and fun things we were going through I was inspired to do more painting for the new house. I just couldn’t seem to help myself. While I had time to think and plan, I set out to put together several new pieces. One for the house and three for those around me who helped me alone the way to the new home.

In 2022 5 new paintings emerged (one is not pictured). I gave the interior design thing a stab too. I don’t feel like I did a bad job. I took all 8 months to find the style I wanted and how I wanted it to look an boom baby it happened. Please enjoy :).

New This Year

I have loved painting in any form for many years.  This year my discovery was acrylic paintings in a contemporary style. If you would like to order one please contact me!

Acrylic Paintings


Customized Looks

IMG_2248Find your style


The year of growth and change is still evolving!  I will never stay stagnant. Stay tuned and watch out world, because here I come!!!

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