Photography for the Modern Photographer

The secret to great photography is all about controlling the light. Knowing how light reacts under different conditions is key to not just a good image but a great image. Composure is another element that a great photographer needs, and making your client look their best! I enjoy light it fascinates me everyday. Because of my passion I decided in 2012 to go after my certified professional photographer designation through PPA. I could not be happier with this additional skill set to separate me from other photographers in Charlotte and Gastonia North Carolina areas. I feel that when you are shooting weddings without the right equipment and ability to read light at a drop of a hat can cost you a once in a life time image, and cost you future clients. Any one can be a photographer but it takes a passion person to be a great photographer, so be more and study further the art of photography and take your skills to the next level, live what you love and love what you do!

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