New this year

I have loved painting in any form for many years.  This year my discovery was acrylic paintings in a contemporary style. If you would like to order one please contact me!

Acrylic Paintings


Customized Looks

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The year of growth and change is still evolving!  I will never stay stagnant. Stay tuned and watch out world, because here I come!!!

Continued Faith…

I have to say that the journey through CPP is very challenging, one that most people would frown upon and run away from, but I am not running I am trying to wrangle it and achieve it! The experience has taught me so much and has helped me to grow personally and professionally. The enrichment of the photography community that I have had the privilege to meet is without a doubt priceless and cherished in my eyes! I won’t lie there were times I broke down into tears and I thought maybe I just can’t do this? Someone even told me that my work isn’t that good and that my hand drawn art was the place to stay for me.

But I was not willing to accept that as the end of the story and I turned that hurt and disappointment into the fuel I needed to forge forward. I love the art of photography and capturing moments that would otherwise be lost forever. So today I am sitting here proud that I passed my written exam, obsessed over and finished my portfolio and I am waiting to hear if I passed this final part to earn my CPP. So pass or fail I have won against many demons that stood in my way already. I am very excited as I wait for the results, I am excited for my fellow candidates whom I share this waiting with and look forward to hearing they passed too. I am most proud of myself for not throwing in the towel and giving up. I am thankful for those that helped teach me and guide me on my way and those that gave their time with no expectations of payment but wanted to see me succeed. I see how much this means to me and I have and I will help other behind me do the same. I love the values that my CPP mentors and the program through PPA have taught me over the last 19 months. I will continue to learn and grown. And I appreciate more than words could ever express….YOU! So to those who feel you maybe at the end and you can’t make it? I say NO don’t give up this FIGHT and know that you are worth it and you WILL prevail, just BELIEVE and TRUST in yourself and GOD and you will make it through>>> I BELIEVE in YOU!

The secret to great photography is all about controlling the light. Knowing how light reacts under different conditions is key to not just a good image but a great image. Composure is another element that a great photographer needs, and making your client look their best! I enjoy light it fascinates me everyday. Because of my passion I decided in 2012 to go after my certified professional photographer designation through PPA. I could not be happier with this additional skill set to separate me from other photographers in Charlotte and Gastonia North Carolina areas. I feel that when you are shooting weddings without the right equipment and ability to read light at a drop of a hat can cost you a once in a life time image, and cost you future clients. Any one can be a photographer but it takes a passion person to be a great photographer, so be more and study further the art of photography and take your skills to the next level, live what you love and love what you do!